El Salvador: Zulma shapes her dreams through drawing and painting

Photo: © 2012 Katia Maldonado/World Vision

Photo: © 2012 Katia Maldonado/World Vision

Zulma, 12 years old, is happy to be part of World Vision El Salvador’s community children’s club for three years. “I can now see the results of attending each Saturday to the trainings World Vision gives us. I have learned many things, but what has impacted my life is the fact of knowing that I had the skills I didn’t know in painting, drawing, and serigraphy,” said Zulma. In the hands of Zulma Noemy Perez, a piece of paper can convert into a work of art and a common T-shirt into a garment with special design all because of her academic education given by the club which includes drawing, painting and serigraphy workshops. “I have always liked painting, but I didn’t know anything about the combination of colors or painting guidelines. Now, I know it and I make it beautiful,” she adds.

Zulma will move to the youth club soon: “I am happy because I will continue in the World Vision’s youth club which I like very much. It is a great opportunity to succeed, to learn, and to make friends. I already participated as observer in the youth clubs and I liked listening about self-esteem, rights, reproduction, and other themes.”

In El Salvador, World Vision´s clubs contribute to the development of children´s communications skills as they learn to express and discuss their opinions in a clear way. The clubs also promote social relationships; children have the capacity to relate positively with their peers, with others, and with the environment. Participants develop as well positive emotional connection with their fathers, mothers, or caregivers and strength their spirituality and their academic competences.

World Vision El Salvador supports a total of 846 clubs in El Salvador where 21,150 children and youth participate.

with contribution from Katia Dalila Maldonado, World Vision

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