World Vision's Day of Prayer 2014

Day of Prayer 2014. Photo: World Vision

Day of Prayer 2014.
Photo: World Vision

“From the very, very beginning, World Vision has been an army that has marched on its knees,” says Marilee Pierce Dunker, daughter of World Vision founder Bob Pierce.

World Vision’s new fiscal year began on October 1st. Recognizing we have much to be thankful for, and our need for God’s grace going forward into a new fiscal year, World Vision has marked the occasion with a Day of Prayer since 1981. We close our offices around the world for staff to gather and give thanks for the incredible ways God worked in and through World Vision in last year and ask for God’s guidance, wisdom and mercy into the next.

World Vision staff in the U.S. (Federal Way, WA) gathered in a church and explored the power – and difficulty – of being an advocate for justice for children. In breakout sessions, staff learned how having clean water was a matter of justice, and how difficult it is for families living in poverty to make choices that impact the well-being of their children.

Marilee says prayer is a demonstration and conversation, a way of keeping the channel of communication open with God: “I think prayer needs to be like breathing to us. We breathe in what God has to say, and we breathe out the needs and our desperate cries for God to have his way, his will and to do the miracles we need done to see this great work continue.”

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