Don't Stop Believin'

“This is a year in which it has been impossible to legislate. The TVPRA is still alive because of WOV advocacy. Surrendering now not only sends a terrible message to every other organization that’s followed our lead, it will all but doom this TVPRA.”

~Jesse Eaves, World Vision Policy Advisor

For nearly a year, Women of Vision has been advocating for the passing of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA).  From making phone calls to writing letters to participating in the Women of Vision lobby day, Women of Vision is helping to keep this bill alive. With each action, Congress passing the TVPRA becomes more of a reality.

It can often be difficult to feel like your one action is making a difference. Below we can see Women of Vision’s actions for the past year and the impact they have had.

Well done, WOV!

Currently, the TVPRA (S.1301) has 42 Senate co-sponsors. World Vision would like this number to be at least 51. The difficult part is that the 112th Congress has passed very few bills, less than half of the average Congress. This, paired with the upcoming election season, mean that Women of Vision now has to be LOUDER THAN EVER to make sure we are heard. Women of Vision Senior Advisor Angela always says we have big mouths for the Lord – now is the time to prove her right!!

What can you do?

Yesterday, Congress returned from recess. Call, call and call!! We have heard that just ten logged calls in one day can cause an issue to become a priority. You can find the phone script and see if your Senators have co-sponsored here. Share this page with your church, friends and co-workers, they can call as well.

Women of Vision has worked endlessly on passing the TVPRA. Doing so would be a huge victory, but more importantly is would be a victory for the estimated 27 million held in slavery, including the child soldiers, indentured servants and the girls living in brothels.

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  1. Christina Bradic -WOV Advocacy says:

    Rebecca, yes we are now at 44!! Since this post was published we have had two more Senators sign on.

    Thank you everyone for all of your work, phone calls and prayers! Keep them coming!

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