Daisy, a tailor and caregiver in Zambia

zambia daisy

Daisy, a caregiver and savings group member, makes a dress to
sell, her main source of income.
Photo: World Vision

by Shelby Benson, World Vision

Daisy has been a tailor in Zambia for the past five years, which is how she makes her living. Business was not going well because she could not manage to save enough money to expand her business. Whenever there was a family problem that needed to be solved, Daisy would suspend tailoring and use all of her capital to solve the problem.

“My business was doing poorly and I could not manage to get most of my family’s needs met because when I started this business, I made less than K80,000 ($15) a month,” she said.

Despite her burdens and being the main breadwinner in her household, she decided to volunteer as a community caregiver for the vulnerable in Itezhitezhi district under the USAID-funded Sustainability Through Economic Strengthening, Prevention, and Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (STEPS OVC) project. Through the project, she joined a Savings and Internal Lending Community (SILC) group. Members contribute money each month to the group, which in turn issues small loans to group members. Through SILC, Daisy was able to get capital to greatly expand her business, including the purchase of an over-locking sewing machine, which enables her to  tailor more innovatively. Additionally, she has acquired new business skills and been linked to new customers, enabling higher profits.

Daisy can now manage to successfully educate her two daughters through high school, feed her family, and continue to support vulnerable children within her community.

“I never imagined that my life could change like this,” Daisy said. “I now make more than K300,000 ($56) per month, and I can now walk with my head up high in the community.”

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