Creative Christmas Gifts: Maternal and Child Health

Photo: ©2013 Jon Warren/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Jon Warren/World Vision

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Maternal and Child Health: Every day, around 18,000 children younger than 5 die, the majority from preventable causes. Each year, an estimated 2.7 million children don’t even live past the first 28 days after birth, while 1.5 million succumb to severe malnutrition before their fifth birthday. Most of these deaths can be prevented.

World Vision is working to protect the lives of more than 9 million children, mothers, and other family members by providing efficient and cost-effective interventions such as feeding programs and nutrition training, and basic childbirth and newborn education and care to mothers and pregnant women in order to reduce maternal and infant deaths and decrease the number of women falling ill or dying as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

Women of Vision has selected to support World Vision’s Maternal and Child Health projects in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone this year. Here we have gathered some of our favorite options from World Vision’s Gift Catalog that address Health needs. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, consider one of these options:

Life-saving medicines and supplies
Just like here in the United States, young children in the developing world routinely come down with easily treatable ailments, such as diarrhea. Unlike here, however, these children are often tragically unable to receive the treatment they need, because poverty renders basic medicines and supplies inaccessible or unaffordable. Shelves at local clinics are often empty, even as demand is high.

That’s why the gift of life-saving medicines and supplies is an ideal choice this Christmas season. Thanks to donations from our pharmaceutical partners, your contribution will multiply in impact to help ship and distribute critical items like antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitic drugs, de-worming medications, disposable syringes, gastrointestinal drugs, painkillers, and surgical supplies. These will be sent to places around the world where children, families, communities, and clinics are in greatest need.

Equip a Health Care Worker
In countries like Sierra Leone, struggling to recover from war, local government resources are stretched thin, and only 40 percent of the people have access to life-saving health services. Your gift helps save children by equipping a dedicated healthcare worker in a new or renovated health clinic to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases.

The World Vision Gift Catalog offers hundreds of ways to reflect the spirit of the Christmas season. With items across various prices and categories that help lift children, families, and even entire communities out of poverty, you can bring meaningful assistance to those in need — and let loved ones know that you did so in their honor by emailing or printing out a card to present on Christmas Day. Browse the catalog for yourself and find an item by which you can show loved ones how much you appreciate them.

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