Women Who Gather, Women Who Act

IMG_3326Today, you can take the first step in making an incredible difference for people living in severe poverty through meaningful conversations that result in action.

We invite you to start a Women of Vision Circle. You will ask others to join you in learning about and supporting a cause that’s urgent and life-saving. As you learn and grow, you will coordinate an action plan that raises support for children living in extreme poverty.

This year, Women of Vision will be focusing on the Refugee Crisis. Together, we’ll learn about the crisis and the conditions that families are now living in after fleeing their homes, and we’ll take action to help meet their greatest needs.

You may not (yet!) know others who are passionate about serving the poor, but chances are you DO know other women who are hungry to live a life of purpose. This is your unique opportunity to serve people in your own life while also loving the poor through words AND action.

How it works

Gather however often and wherever it suits you best. We recommend monthly or weekly in a comfortable setting, from your home, church, or office to a local coffee shop.

Learn together using the free small group guide we provide.

Support refugees through giving and/or fundraising using an online giving page.

Once you sign up, you will be directed to set up an online giving page. Choose a fun group name and a fundraising goal (don’t worry, you can change them later). You’ll also get a link to small group study you can do with your group to learn more about the Refugee Crisis.