Cindy Breilh talks gender equality

Cindy Breilh in northeast DRC. Photo: ©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision

Cindy Breilh in northeast DRC. Photo: ©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision

The current issue of the World Vision Magazine is devoted to women and girls issues and features Women of Vision. In a powerful “Ask the Expert” article, Women of Vision’s National Director Cindy Breilh talks about gender equality, why it’s important, and what can be done. Excerpts are below; read the full article here.

I often say that “as go the women in a community, so goes the community.” Where women are included and empowered, communities flourish.
Take a look at a map of countries in conflict or in extreme poverty and consider the status of women in those places. There is a correlation between gender inequity, poverty, and conflict. When a country suppresses half its population, it gets half the ideas, half the labor, half the productivity.
We have such opportunity and freedom in the United States, which makes it more difficult to understand what women and girls are experiencing around the world. My job is to open women’s eyes to these very issues. Women of Vision mobilizes Christian women to learn how we can respond, starting with what God is calling us to do.

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