Bringing Water to the World

Photo: ©2013 Charles Kabena/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Charles Kabena/World Vision

World Vision is working to make the Water for the World Act a law!  768 million people do not have clean water, and we want to be part of the answer.

To start with, we are looking to get 30,000 signatures in the next 6 weeks. When you sign, you show your members of Congress that water, sanitation and hygiene are important issues to you and you are asking for their support.

World Vision’s Beyond 5 team is coordinating the efforts toward this endeavor, beginning with postcards which you can use to collect signatures. The efforts will culminate with a two-day conference and lobby day in Washington, D.C. next March.

The Water for the World Act was introduced in Congress in August. It is a bipartisan bill that will not require any additional money, but has the potential to bring big change to the estimated 768 million people who live without access to clean water and the 2.5 billion without access to proper sanitation facilities.

This Water for the World Act (H.R. 2901) will:

  • – Help to direct funds for clean water, sanitation and hygiene to the countries and communities most in need, recognizing evidence that the biggest benefit comes from helping the people living in greatest poverty.
  • – Advance best practices in bringing clean water and sanitation to communities, including better monitoring and evaluation.
  • – Improve the United State’s approach to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by building upon the current strategy and requiring transparency in how and why focus countries are selected, the results and challenges of each program and conducting regular reviews of progress.

Join with us! Start by ordering your Water for the World Act postcards. World Vision will send them out in bundles of 50 for no charge. Pass them around to your friends, your church and your coworkers.  You can also request a personalized link to do the same through email, Facebook or Twitter.  Each link or bundle of postcards will be personalized for you.

Be part of the answer as we bring water to the world!

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