Being Thankful

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1

Take time this season to sit and meditate on these amazing words. They are the same in good times and in times of pain and uncertainty. They are the foundation for how to live as Christians in a world of hurt, and the most important good news we bring to any ministry of compassion. God is good all the time; all the time God is good. Really? Seen or unseen, yes, end of story! For me, it is one of the most difficult things to embrace in the work we do serving and caring for a hurting world. What about for you? Share your thoughts on this verse with us!

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  1. Connie says:

    I am so grateful that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. God’s love for me never wavers despite my attitude or my actions, and I am so thankful that God’s love has the power to change our hearts and minds if we are willing to accept it.

  2. Tricia Miller says:

    The Lord is good from everlasting to everlasting! That is part of who He is- that is one of His characteristics. As a child of His, I see, hear, touch, taste and smell His goodness each and every day in my own life, and in the lives of my family and friends. He is faithful always. He can be nothing less than faithful- He would cease being the Lord if He wasn’t faithful! I praise Him for making this world, for redeeming this world, and for the promise of His return!

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