Bangladesh – Report from Angela

Angela Mason, Women of Vision Senior Advisor, is currently in Bangladesh with a group of women from various WOV chapters. She sends the following report.

Photo: World Vision

In Dhaka, Bangladesh (the capital of this country and one of the most crowded cities  in the world) we visited two garbage dumps. There, thousands of people – including hundreds of children – collect empty medical bottles, plastic bottles, bones (yes bones!) and human hair to sell for approximately 30-50 cents a day. We met with seven young girls who do this every day after school for at least 4 hours each day.  They spoke in such a matter-of-fact manner about this job, describing what it is like to scavenge for such materials on a daily basis. We were shocked to discover that every one of them has malaria, lice and is hungry. Additionally, they have colds most of the time and often have jaundice. And yet, the pleasure they took in our simple visit was palpable. They were delighted to meet with us and talk to us. They were unanimous in their least favorite aspect of this job – the vile smell. Then 10 year old Champa asked a poignant question – she is the one looking at the camera in the picture:  “When can we stop working in the garbage dump?” It was a simple request to please help. And I wonder how World Vision can come alongside and help even more. The dignity and sweet nature of these young girls struck our team and we spent time praying for them. It is my hope and prayer that one day these girls can be freed from this work.

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