Anita: Why I Am a Woman of Vision

Anita Krumenacker

Anita Krumenacker

Anita Krumenacker shares why she is a Woman of Vision:

More than fifteen years ago I reached a point in my life where I needed to expand my vision and involvements. I was looking for something that involved women, volunteer work and that was strongly Christian. I heard about the Colorado Women of Vision chapter and was curious to see how local women were partnering with World Vision, an organization I was familiar with because I had been sponsoring children for years. My relationship with Colorado WOV over all these years has blessed me in many ways. It has helped me understand issues such as poverty, gender inequality and literacy, both globally and locally. It has given me the opportunity to actually visit women in Romania and Mexico who grapple daily with these issues. Locally, I have had the opportunity to love and support the children of Denver’s inner city. As Spiritual Chair, I have been challenged to dig deep spiritually and mentally, to bring appropriate devotionals to the Colorado WOV Leadership Team. Finally, I have found life-long friendships with other women and together we have been able to make a much bigger impact than would have been possible through our separate efforts.

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  1. Jill Hansen says:

    Very beautifully said. The Colorado chapter has been very blessed to have your participation over the years.

  2. Gayle Kneupper says:

    Your’s a wonderful testiment. I too am my chapter’s Spiritual Chair here in Austin Texas. It has made me better “prayer” because it has forced me out of my comfort zone and into the Bible to find what God has to say to me and to my sisters in Christ. I am very thankful for WOV.

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