Angela's report from Sierra Leone – day 7

We’ve been following Angela Mason, Women of Vision’s Senior Advisor, who is currently in Sierra Leone with ABC 7 News finding stories on World Vision sponsorship, maternal health and water. Read Angela’s previous reports: Day 1, Day 2Day 3, Day 4Day 5 and Day 6.

On their final day in Sierra Leone, Angela and the ABC team spent time with Jen Harold, World Vision Sierra Leone’s National Director. Says Angela, “Jen Harold is just one of those remarkable women we meet at World Vision – loved and highly respected by everyone.” Other NGOs in Sierra Leone sing the praises of WV Sierra Leone and Jen in particular. And Angela said she is in awe of Jen – against the backdrop of a country with a high death rate of children, where many women die in childbirth, and multiple other challenges, Jen and her World Vision staff are doing remarkable work. There is a friendly and collaborative spirit amongst the NGOs in Freetown; they meet regularly a share best practices and current struggles. And Jen is an inspirational leader, Angela calls her “warm, calm, cheerful and wise.”

The team visited the Aberdeen Women’s Clinic which is both a fistula hospital and a teaching hospital. In the fistula ward they saw women after surgery who were shouting for joy that they didn’t have fistula anymore. After the phsyical pain and ostracism that results from fistula, the healing prompts such joy and happiness. The Aberdeen Women’s Clinic is also a teaching hospital as local women are trained to be midwives and birth attendants.

Although this is Angela’s final report from Sierra Leone, be sure to stay tuned as we’ll let you know when these stories will air on TV. Angela is now in London where she is devouring fresh fruit and vegetables, enjoying warm showers and “enjoying the comforts of the Western world!”

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