An AIDS Free Generation Within Reach

In Kenya, Gladys has lived positively since 2008. “I worry a lot how I will take care of my children and who will take care of them when I am gone, but I hope to live and see my children grow and go to school,” Gladys says. Photo: World Vision

Women of Vision might remember Adam Taylor, Vice President of Advocacy & Government Relations for World Vision U.S., from his presentation at the final night of our March National Conference in D.C. Adam thanked WOV for their significant advocacy efforts on our Lobby Day and inspired us as he championed that advocating on behalf of trafficking victims was part of our Christian responsibility.

He has done it once again. This month on the Sojourners blog, Adam shares his reflections after the International AIDS Conference. While an AIDS-free generation is within reach, he shares the issues raised at the Conference and poses a challenge to the church saying the Christian community should wrestle with three pressing questions. Read his full blog.

“…The conference left me more convinced that if we start seeing this virus through the same lens as God, the acronym HIV takes on another meaning of Healing the International Village. I believe Christ would extend unconditional love and care to people living with HIV, regardless of how they contracted the virus.

However, it is challenging for the church to discuss the issues that drive risk and vulnerability, particularly when they intersect with sexual issues that most churches find difficult to address. To overcome these obstacles and achieve an AIDS-free generation, we need to champion justice, heal brokenness, and restore healthier relationships between the AIDS community and the Christian church in the U.S. and around the world…”

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