All-Star Gifts: Talking to children about poverty

Ever wonder how to talk to your kids about hunger and poverty? World Vision Resources has created lots of resources – many of them free – which can be used from preschool-age to adult studies. One recent release “All-Star Gifts” is a set of activities which has been designed to initiate discussion between adults and young children about poverty. Children are encouraged to see that steps are being taken to alleviate poverty, and that they can be a part of that process.

Children are immensely curious and, as they begin school, start to transition to seeing themselves as part of a group. One of the best traits of children is their empathy and desire to do something about the problems they see.

“All-Star Gifts” is a guide through the World Vision Gift Catalog. By encouraging a child’s natural compassion, it provides an opportunity to discuss what poverty looks like and a way to take action.

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