Access to safe water still a challenge in Sierra Leone, says ABC7 "Journey to Hope"

We continue to follow coverage of ABC7′s news stories on Sierra Leone after last month’s trip with Women of Vision’s Angela Mason. Last night, ABC7 news aired the fourth installment of their series “Journey to Hope.” An excerpt is below and the full video and transcript can be found here.

From ABC7: “…It is hard to believe in a country where the rainy season lasts half the year, that water is such a challenge. In rural areas, two-thirds of people sitll don’t have access to clean water. Women wash clothes in the same streams they depend on for cooking and drinking. In the slums of Sierra Leone’s capitol city, children collect water from the same dirty creek where pigs roam.

“People often don’t see water as their issue. We say, ‘OK, when was the last time one of the children here had diarrhea?’ and it’s like, ‘Well, it was last week,’ or ‘It’s constant,’ or ‘It’s right now,’ and we say, ‘OK’ and then we educate people and say, ‘This is why children are getting sick. It’s from drinking bad water,'” Jennifer Harold explained.

Harold is World Vision’s national director in Sierra Leone. The challenge is not just providing clean water, but also sharing strategies about hygiene and sanitation.

“If you don’t have that, the impact of having clean water, 75 percent of it is lost. So, it’s really about hand washing, getting rid of mosquitoes, getting rid of standing water, so it’s a whole package approach,” she said…”

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