A Women of Vision Leader: thankfulness through poetry

WOV Colorado praying for Cindy Breilh. Photo: Women of Vision/World Vision

WOV Colorado praying for Cindy Breilh.
Photo: Women of Vision/World Vision

A poet, Jill Hansen from the WOV Colorado chapter, has used her talent to write poems such as “Abduction” and “Water for Africa.” Here, Jill shares a new poem and explains the meaning behind it.

At the Colorado WOV Leadership Retreat last year, I experienced something that affected me greatly. It was the final day of the retreat, and WOV Director Cindy Breilh had come to participate with us. It had been a productive and inspiring few days. As we prepared to close the meeting and head home, we were all given a towel and instructed to remove our shoes. To our great surprise, Sue Summers (our co-chair) and Cindy Breilh each took a tub of water, and knelt before each one of us in turn. They said a prayer over us as they washed our feet. When it was my turn, it felt like a very holy experience. I could feel God’s presence among us. In the end, Cindy washed Sue’s feet, and we all gathered around Cindy as Sue prayed over Cindy, and washed her feet. With eyes still closed, we sang a hymn of praise. Driving home, I relived that moment over and over. The two main sentences I remembered from the prayer were “We are the hands and feet of our Father above” and “May you know God’s love every day of your life.” Those stuck with me, and when I was asked to write a poem for our departing co-chairs, Sue Summers and Ginny Steinhoff, I incorporated those sentences into the others I had received through prayer. This poem is one of acknowledgment, appreciation, and encouragement to the leaders and partners of Women of Vision.


Every morning you awake with a grateful heart
With a prayer to Jesus your day will start

As you lead others in Women of Vision
You pray to be guided in every decision

We are the hands and feet of our Father above
Christian women united in faith and in love

Bringing light to the darkness that others bear
Bringing hope to the weary to show them Christ cares

Shedding tears from heaven in joy at lives saved
Lifting hands to our Father with songs of praise

Can you feel the love that God has for you
Do you know He is pleased with all that you do

May you know God’s love every day of your life
With thanks and love from your sisters in Christ

 Jill Hansen

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  1. Sue Summers says:

    A BIG “thank you” to Jill Hansen for writing this moving and meaningful poem.

    Jill, you are truly a “woman of vision” and I know the Holy Spirit is working in and through your life!

    In Christ,

  2. Ginny Steinhoff says:

    Jill what a precious time! PTL, it made me cry in remembering all that Jesus has done for us! May we treasure each moment He gives us to serve others. Ginny

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