Bolivia: A Family With Hope

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Dario tending his vegetables.
Photo: © 2012 Wilson Cabrera/World Vision

This month our country of focus is Bolivia, where World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World initiative is providing financial training, services and savings groups for entrepreneurs in Bolivia. Loans are offered to disadvantaged Bolivians, allowing them to generate income through agriculture, raising livestock, neighborhood services, and local trade. The following story was contributed by Wilson Cabrera, World Vision Bolivia.

Darío, 39, lives with his wife Ilaria, 37, and their seven children in a small community in Bolivia. People from his small village of 20 families work mainly in agriculture; they grow potatoes, corn, beans and barley while some of them own cows, donkeys, sheep, chicken and male goats.

Darío remembers that his community was not always like this. Years ago, he had little hope in the future. With so many children and with few economical resources, he felt devastated and started to excessively drink alcohol. “I was very disappointed because I didn’t have enough money and had many troubles. I used to fight with my wife and made my children cry,” he recalls with sadness.

Luzmila, Dario and Ilaria's four year old daughter. Photo: © 2012 Wilson Cabrera/World Vision

Luzmila, Dario and Ilaria’s four year old daughter.
Photo: © 2012 Wilson Cabrera/World Vision

One day a World Vision worker arrived at their house. He invited the community to participate in the agricultural development projects, and also shared about God. “The (WV staff) started every meeting reading the Bible and praying. He told us that to work in the field we need the effort, the tools but also we need God. If we work like this everything goes right. I liked that because no one had talked to us about God before. That made me think to go forward for my family and to stop drinking,” says Darío.

Alongside the education on vegetable production, Darío learned about the love of God. His hope was reborn and strengthened when he saw the first harvest.

“When we were children we didn’t eat these vegetables, we didn’t know about them. Our parents didn’t buy them either, but now we know how to produce and eat them. They are delicious, we like them a lot,” adds Ilaria.

Darío’s dedication to his crops is admirable and he is now a role model for his children. He says that God is working with him and providing the resources which make it possible for their children to continue studying and growing up healthy, with access to fresh vegetables and having a peaceful life, always with hope.

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