A Baby Shower For Every Mother

One of the ways that Women of Vision is participating in the Million Moms Challenge is by throwing A Baby Shower for Every Mother. We invite you to participate by hosting your own baby shower that will benefit moms to be and new moms around the world. The Baby Shower for Every Mother will raise awareness about the importance of child and maternal care. At the shower, you will have an opportunity to educate your friends, advocate for mothers and fundraise for critical maternal and child health projects.

In the United States, oftentimes cribs, bottles, diapers and onesies are viewed as the necessities for a new baby, but when one in five women in developing countries do not receive any prenatal care, and over 30 percent of women give birth without a skilled attendant, the priorities shift to things like maternal care, proper nutrition and sanitation.

French President Sarkozy recently welcomed Baby Sarkozy to his family. According to an article written by World Vision International the baby is “52 times more likely to celebrate a fifth birthday than a baby born this year in the former French colony, Chad” and the baby’s mother is “150 times more likely to survive pregnancy and childbirth than a woman in Chad”. As one of the least developed countries in the world, Chad is a country in great need of G8 support for maternal healthcare. World Vision delivered a gift basket to the Sarkozy residence with items in the basket such as a safe birthing kit and food. The basket was meant to illustrate that these simple items could save two-thirds of the children that die from lack of nutrition and immunizations.

Inspired by this story, Women of Vision will put together baskets with simple life-saving items and give them to Congress with a petition that can be signed at each baby shower. Our goal is to have 40 showers going on throughout the country and 1,000 women involved in the advocacy “ask” to Congress.

How can you get involved?

  • Contact the Women of Vision Helpdesk to order your free kit to host your baby shower today.
  • Baby shower kit includes: materials, activities, games, statistics and stories to make hosting a shower easy.  We will also provide access to a free e-vite service to send out the invitations electronically.
  • What you provide: Willingness to host, send out invites, decorations & refreshments, facilitate event and your creativity. You can stick strictly to the planning guide, or use your own great ideas to personalize and make the event your own.
  • Plan to host your event between now and mid December of this year.

The baby shower will also be a time to advocate and take action on the promises that were made when the Millennium Development Goals were put into effect.

Select Women of Vision baby showers around the country may be filmed as part of the ABC News Million Moms challenge. Since the Million Moms challenge ends on December 19th, we encourage you to contact the Women of Vision helpdesk soon to get your kit to host your baby shower.

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